Office Policies

All appointments can be conveniently scheduled for in-person visits by calling our reception.

Cancellation Policy

We have a strict 48-hour cancellation policy. Please contact the office at least 48-hours before your scheduled appointment if you need to reschedule. Any appointment cancelled with less than 48-hours notice will be billed to the patient.

At Your Visit

A valid OHIP card is required for all visits. Without a valid OHIP card, you may be charged for the visit.

  • Patients are limited to one issue per visit. Multiple issues will be assessed according to clinical relevance and at the doctor’s discretion. You may be required to book subsequent appointments.
  • Not all services are covered by OHIP. Services not covered by OHIP include doctors notes, completing form, and certain procedures. For more information please ask the doctor or receptionist.
  • Certain documentation is required for optimal healthcare. This may require your complete medical files from your previous Doctor (s). Our clinic doctor will determine if additional information is required.

Access to Test Results

Test results will not be given over the phone. You are required to come in person to receive results or book an appointment with the doctor.

Third-Party Services

Uninsured Services are services that OHIP no longer covers.

Examples of Services Not Covered by OHIP:

Type of Service
Sick Note
No OHIP (residing in Ontario)
Driver’s Medical Exam/Form
Massage Therapy, Physio, Orthotics, Compression Stockings (for insurance coverage)
Attending Physician Statement
TB Test
TB Read
TB Form
Wart Treatments
Travel Cancellation, Insurance Forms
3rd party Medical Exam

An appointment must be made with your doctor for completion of any forms/certificates which are payable on the date of service.


It is the responsibility of each patient to monitor the amount of medication and refills they have at all times and when running low to book an appointment.